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Hi this is Chinky Madrona of Even Without Popcorn!

This blog is powered by my day job and occasional premieres that I get invited to. Most of the time I pay to watch for the movies, concerts, stage acts and plays that are featured here. I do this all for the love of the arts (insert heart here).

Just in case you have a:

  • Cinema
  • Theatre
  • Movie
  • Play
  • Concert

That you want me to review  — albeit to review your cinema/theatre or watch that movie or concert or play  played in your cinema or theatre or if you just want me to watch your movie or play or concert, either way, I would love too! If you simply want to invite me to your event, movie premiere, gala, dress rehearsal or birthday party, I would love to go as well! (We’ll see about the birthday party because I have “wallflower” tendencies you know.)

Please drop me a line at:

chinky [dot] ewp [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks and see you soon!

Your resident confusing blogger,

Chinky Madrona

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