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The Beaver Saves the World : A Movie Review

August 7, 2011

How can a puppet save someone’s life? As puzzling as it may sound, a film starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster was able to show that it MAY be possible.

The Beaver is a film about a toy executive named Walter Black who started to lose touch with reality and is seriously thinking about taking his life. He was saved by a puppet that looks like a Beaver, also handled by himself, which in turn helped him communicate his way to recovery.


At first I was really uninterested to see this film because the plot summary was just ridiculous. But watching the movie, it actually made complete sense. The story was knitted gracefully on film by Kyle Killen, carefully giving The Beaver a face that is far from being that old worn-out puppet.

The film is crazy, at some point as there are scenes that would make you say “How can you do that?” or “You’ve got to be kidding me” but life is crazy. The Beaver can be related to certain episodes in our life metaphorically. I can say that people who’s got problems with family or relationships can definitely relate to this movie in an odd sort of way.

But is this movie for everyone? I can say that this movie can be moderately tiring if you would like to watch it again. But to the artsy and to those who want to watch a movie that has substance for a while, this movie will annoy you but will interest you at the same time.


With the likes of Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson, this B-movie became an A+ for me. Although it was not able to showcase Foster’s prowess at its best, Mel Gibson was intriguing in this film. With the recent events of his life, I can somehow relate his current problems with the setting of this film.

Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence gave a refreshing performance for a side story. It gives the audience a very realistic view of how domestic problems can ruin the younger members of the family, which are the children


There was nothing unusual on the art direction of this film. But I think Porter Black’s (Yelchin) room is worth mentioning. The careful detail on his room which speaks loads on his personality and his current emotional state do not need a lot of explaining.


I would have to say that this movie is not made for everyone. If you are looking for a film that is built to raise awareness to “finding yourself”, a serious take on the importance of family with a graceful bravado and great acting, then this movie is for you. However if you just want to not overthink a film, just watch something and be entertained, go and watch the other films available this August.

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