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Smurfaliciously Cute: The Smurfs Movie Review

August 7, 2011

A great movie to start your weekend, I must say that The Smurfs film is not going to be a critics favorite. But I am going to write this movie review in my kid-at-heart cap. This is me giving everyone a heads up ok?

One important thing readers is that it is best to bring your kids or your nieces and nephews or grandkids to watch this film because this film is genuinely for kids.

The film opens in the cutesy (I’ll be using cute a lot in this review, I tell ya) Smurfs Village with the Smurfs living peacefully. The peace however was disrupted by the evil Gargamel, which caused Gutsy, Grouchy, Clumsy, Papa, Brainy and Smurfette to leave their safe, peaceful Smurf village and morph into this strange old city called New York.


This movie is a lighthearted, fun-centered film which will captivate the young moviegoers. The film brought me back to my childhood when I was able to catch; I think a handful of the cartoon series. (The Smurfs was available in Cartoon Network for a short while too but I was not able to follow the series.)

I would have to say that this movie is never going to be a critic’s favorite due to the shallowness of the storyline, the tongue-in-cheek humor and a not so amusing dialogue. But I believe this movie did not make an effort to really please the elusive taste of the critics. It encouraged us to be shallow and just have fun and “sing a happy song.”

This movie reminds me of The Chipmunks film, only that I liked this one better.


I’m not sure if CGI falls into the Cinematography category but yeah, this movie used awesome CGI as it is required in the story. It may not be as jaw-dropping as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but it is refreshingly cute.

The undertones and the colors of the film spells good, light-hearted and cozy if I can only spell it out based on what I see in film. It is refreshing to the eyes and sets a great mood to the story.


Jayma Mays and Neil Patrick Harris is the perfect choice in this cute film but I really fell in love with Smurfette which was given the really cutesified voice of Katy Perry. Let me warn you dear moviegoers though that you won’t find any award winning acting in this film (probably Hank Azaria as Gargamel but not quite) but they were able to provide sufficient acting that is required of the story.


I was really entertained by the film that it actually urged me to buy Smurf merchandise. A great movie to watch with your family specially the kids.


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