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Movie Review: The Green Lantern

June 16, 2011

We are fortunate enough to witness The Green Lantern Premiere last Wednesday. Dubbed as one of the most awaited films this year, my expectations for this movie is quite high specially with all the hype done for this movie.

So how was it?

For a non-fan of the original comic books, I was satisfied with how the movie turned out. However, I can’t say that this movie was one of the best comicbook-based movies out there.

On Special Effects

This movie scores up there on the use of computer generated imagery. I think this is one of the better films that really utilized 3d, not like other films where it looks like they just forced it in just to generate more revenue.

How the movie designed the lanterns are divine. I can say that this is the strongest element that the film can brag about. Seeing the lanterns soar to the sky and Hal concoct all these makeshift “equipment” to battle the villains are exceptionally done. Timing and the fine work of the cgi artists shined all throughout the film.


In the perspective of a non-follower of the comic books, I can say that the story is average. But did it entertain? I would say yes. Was it able to captivate the audience? I can say that it was able to play on its strengths but this is not a strong film compared to other superhero-themed films.

I haven’t read the comic books but the execution of the story in the film made me feel like I’m just watching another ordinary superhero film with the damsel in distress, ugly villain and oh-im-just-really-lucky-to-be-chosen incidents. There was not much heart and the dialogue doesn’t seem like it is well thought of.

I think that the screenwriters can really spend more time on developing this great material. I’m sure there is more to Green Lantern than what was executed on the first film.


Ryan Reynolds is okay as the Green Lantern. I think his signature antics and spontaneous jokes in the film made it more enjoyable. He’s got amazing chemistry with Blake Lively. I won’t be surprised to hear that they will be dating in the future.


Mark Strong as Sinestro

The saving grace for this film are the supporting casts : Peter Sarsgaard really morphed into the character of Hector Hammond. His careful execution of the accent, form and persona really shined in the film. This is why I consider him as one of the finest thespians out there.

Mark Strong as Sinestro was just right off the bat my best supporting actor for this film. I can say that the makeup did him wonders. I can’t wait to see him in the next film.


Putting the weak plot aside, I can still say that this is a watchable film. Watch it to be entertained but do not expect it to be as enjoyable as its other superhero film predecessors.

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