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Movie Review: The Rite

January 29, 2011

Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas Trevant in The Rite

A lot of natural events is shaking the world today.  Enough to build fear within us about the end of the world. That’s why movies such as The Rite is very timely because it tackles a topic that all of us should be concerned about: Our faith.

With the unending plethora of movies about exorcism, I can’t help but compare this movie to all the other movies which tackles this subject.

Alas, just like all the other exorcism movies after The Exorcist, The Rite is unfortunately just another exorcism movie. The plot is weak, and at some point it seems like a stylized documentary of a priest-to-be who is questioning his faith and if he should continue his education to become a priest.

The movie is informational at times, but it failed to give the audience something different out of all the exorcism movies we’ve seen. The same disturbing scenes, the same conflicts, different approach but still failed to stand out. It was able to give the audience the chills and the suspense that an average horror movie should have. But storywise, it lacked depth. Something that I would expect from a movie with Anthony Hopkins.

However, the stunning special effects, sound and cinematography compensated the lacking of a substantial plot. I can’t help but admire the beautiful sights within Vatican, and the tasteful design of Father Lucas Trevant’s (Anthony Hopkins) house. Sound mixing was spectacular as well. It blended perfectly with the scenes in the movie.

Colin O'Donoghue as Michael Kovak in The Rite


I haven’t seen other movies of Colin O’ Donoghue, but he was effective in this movie. He was able to exude the conflicts that the young priest-to-be is having. It is always difficult to portray a character where you are expected to tone down and act as a confused and disturbed character. I think he was able to do his part. Anthony Hopkins was great in the film. Unfortunately, the film failed to give him enough material to shine brightly.


Overall, it is still a watchable exorcism movie compared to the others which are just a disappointment (Yes, Last Exorcism I’m talking about you). It was still able to scare us at times and believing that there is a higher being guiding us and protecing us.

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