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Glee Rocked the Golden Globes 2011!

January 21, 2011

Kurt? Coach Sue? Well they are my favorites at this love-it-or-hate-it TV show called Glee, and guess what? They just won the Golden freakin Globes last week!

I was not able to watch the awards show live, but I was practically glued at the Golden Globes website to see who’s winning. I was really happy for Jane Lynch because she’s one of the characters in the series that breathes life to the show through her sarcastic remarks and tongue-in-cheek dialogue.

Lynch plays the character of Coach Sue Sylvester in Glee. Where she makes the glee members and Will Schuester’s life a living hell…in a funny way.

Chris Colfer’s win surprised me as well. This is his first acting job and first Golden Globe nomination but he is doing really well. He is also one of my favorites in the show who is known as Kurt, a member of the Glee club who is a victim of school bullying due to his sexual preference.

If you haven’t seen Glee yet, the show is a refreshing genre in a generation that is bombarded with crime shows and vampire-infused series influenced by the goodlooking vampires of Twilight. Go and see it for yourself. :)

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