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Movie Review: 200 Pound Beauty

November 17, 2010

So you’re broke and you are dying to watch a movie? One great thing to do when this regular occasional thing occurs is to visit the little nookie you call your own “video vault.” That’s right, the dvd’s, vcds, vhs tapes you bought in the past have a purpose aside from collecting soot and dust. Today, we are going to revisit a movie that moved me to tears. It is a famous Korean flick entitled 200 pounds beauty.

Sorry for the title, but it is aptly titled 200 pounds beauty by our Korean folk. Albeit the wrong grammar for the title,  it was able to stay on my list of great rom-coms together with some Drew Barrymore-Julia Roberts movies I’ve watched through the years.

The story revolves around Hanna. An obese girl who hides in her home working as a phone sex telephone operator. She might have a lowly career, but this girl’s got a secret: She have a really beautiful singing voice. Due to her overall appearance, Hanna singing front act is nothing but just a dream. So she got a gig as a ghost singer for Ammy. Ammy is a famous singer! Who can’t sing.

Hanna have a secret crush on the music producer Sang-jun. One time, Ammy played a trick on Hanna which devastated her deeply. This caused Hanna to make drastic changes on her appearance. And the rest is up to you to watch :D.

This movie fueled my interest to watch Korean movies. As their screenplay is fresh and almost always new. Although the story is similar to famous romantic comedies, the Korean approach puts a fresh perspective in the common flicks western movies offer.

The development of the story and the conflicts was laid very well. You can’t help but fall in love with Hanna’s character portrayed by Kim Ah-Jung and be smitten by Joo Jin Mo (Sang-Jun character). It also tackles about the quite famous penchant of Koreans for plastic surgery. Although at some point this works for that idea.

It also tackles the love for family and being true to yourself…with some minor improvements. The cast blended well with each other and even though the movie is dubbed in Korean, sometimes you do not need to look at the subtitles to understand what the actors are saying and going through.

It is quite obvious that I loved this movie. Well I hope you can grab a copy and watch it for yourself. :)

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