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Movie Review: Inception

August 5, 2010

4 Popcorn Kernels

There are just movies that would leave you shaking your head, or in the extremes, bang your head at that seat in front of you while screaming “Why! Why! Why! I need a kick.” As for me, I did the shaking your head thing after I shouted “SHIIIIT!” when this movie ended. If you haven’t seen it, then by all means leave that planet where you’re hiding from because this movie is definitely worth your money. This review is pretty late already but this is one movie review I need to write for this one of a kind film.

But of course, there are also some moviegoers who do not like it. The beauty of this movie is how it bends your mind but do not confuse you too much that you’ll just end up sleeping through the movie. It gives you an explanation, a heads up, before it totally messes with your brain and makes sure that you pay attention. And then, it just leaves you…confused…and frustrated…leaving the cinema still confused and frustrated…in a good way.

Don't You Dare!Photo by Stephen Vaughan – © 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Such is the mystery that Nolan created with Inception. I haven’t got the chance to decipher what formula he has but I think that The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception are nothing but exceptional.  I hope that he will continue that trend with the upcoming Batman film…and more to come!

L to R Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Leonardo Di Caprio, Michael Caine are all part of the amazing cast of Inception

I don’t want to elaborate that the movie’s got a stellar cast because it was quite obvious that they handpicked the best. There had been much talk about Inception getting sure Academy nods this year but I believe that this is not Leo’s best performance yet compared to his other films. Joseph Gordon-Levitt infused balanced “fun” in the movie, the perfect sidekick in every way. I can’t say much about Ellen Page’s Ariadne, but I am seeing specks of “Juno” here and there. But she still gave the character the depth that is just right to support the ensemble.

Pay close attention to the Forger because he is my favorite character in the movie.

Overall, Inception made it to my favorites list. If you are into movies that would make a mess out of your mind, then watch this movie. Otherwise, I suggest watch the other movies showing on your local cinemas instead.

Special thanks to my friends for the free lunch and the free talk after watching this movie. ;D

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