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A Movie Review : The Bounty Hunter

May 6, 2010

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston star in Columbia Pictures' action comedy THE BOUNTY HUNTER. Photo By: Barry Wetcher SMPSP. © 2010 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

Infuse two outstanding actors with amazing chemistry and voila! You have a great romantic comedy!

That is if you have good writing to back it up. The Bounty Hunter may have all the ingredients of a good, light-hearted comedy, but this movie is something that I suggest you watch in the comforts of your own home.

The story revolves around Jennifer Aniston’s character Nicole Hurley, a successful reporter in New York who just stumbled upon a big story, and Gerard Butler’s character Milo Boyd, a former-cop-turned-bounty-hunter who just got his newest project: put her ex-wife Nicole Hurley to jail for skipping bail.
The common stuff you see in romantic comedies is scattered around this movie. There were hits and misses, I do get to laugh at some of the antics and wisecracks of the ensemble. But overall, the script is shallow, and the development of the story is dragging that you won’t believe that this movie is just an hour and fifty minutes. 
I would have to give the supporting cast a round of applause, because they did spice up the bad writing and make those funny sequences laughable. I love scenes where Nicole Hurley’s mom Kitty Hurley (Christine Baranski) spices up the film.

Milo (Butler) and Nicole (Aniston) trying their luck at a casino in the film The Bounty Hunter

I like Aniston as an actress, the way she delivers her lines are consistent and natural, but I just felt that the entire body hugging skirt and cleavage gimmick is just too much in the film. I think production wants to flaunt them to just cover up the bad writing.
Butler is fine in the film. I think he treated his character the same way as that of his The Ugly Truth character. I haven’t seen P.S. I Love You, so I can’t make a comparison on how he is in drama.

Although this film fails deeply on the “thinking” department, watch it if you want a light, fun film.


2 popcorn kernels!

The Bounty Hunter opens nationwide on May 5, released by Columbia Pictures. Rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.

Thanks Sharon Yu and SM Cinema for the tickets!

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