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SM Cinema’s Winema is FUN!

April 25, 2010

Everyone wants to know, what is this thing about an “interactive cinema” that SM is talking about?

They are revolutionizing the entire movie experience by making the audience interact not only with their families and friends when watching a movie, but also with the screen! Winema stands for We Interact with the ciNEMA. They installed a motion sensitive camera, which the movie watchers can manuever (like a human joystick) by waving their arms left and right depending on the direction they want it to go to.

Think about those old ball games which you play with using a paddle, that is sort of the Winema idea. Here are videos of our Winema experience courtesy of Iris (!

1. Boink Out (Arkanoid Game)- Use the ball to break the bricks!

2. Power Catcher – Don’t litter in the cinema! Catch the popcorn and other different items.

Thank you Sharon Yu and SM Cinema for inviting us!

Going gaga over Winema!

Thanks to Sharon Yu (girl in blue) for inviting us!

 Pictures courtesy of Iris of!

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  1. chocolover permalink
    September 21, 2010 7:20 am

    It would be much better if SM can just renovate their cinemas.

    Winema is no fun. Nobody would care if it stays on or not. Improve your cinemas.

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