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A Movie Review: Shutter Island

April 19, 2010

The biggest twist for me in this movie is when the ending credits popped on the screen beginning with this:

Directed By


My apologies for not doing my homework. I was not able to do some background research before watching this movie so I don’treally have a clue on what is in store for me. I thought that I was actually about to watch a horror film, but no! Thanks to Ria, a fellow blogger, she told me that it is a psychological thriller so expect that there will be twists and turns. And that the movie is going to be 2 hours. That will be 2 hours of confusion. Or so, I think:D

Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) off to solve some of the mysteries Shutter Island is hiding.

Scorsese directing his amazing ensemble.

Let’s go back to the reason why I just said “Aaaah! That’s why!” when I saw the first line of the end credits. If you are familiar with Scorsese’s work, you’ll probably know how this director never fails to surprise his audience. From being exceptionally dark to borderline experimental, he never fails to confuse his critics making them hate or love his films.

Shutter Island is not a movie for everyone. Read: Psychological thriller. So expect that it will confuse the hell out of you until you give up. So if you are the type who watches a movie just to have fun and laugh and relax, this movie is seriously not for you. As this movie will stimulate those brain cells, and to those who have a short attention span, may put you to sleep.

Leonardo Di Caprio and the ensemble are all exceptional in their own ways. In some reviews, they didn’t approve how Leo seem to be quite fond of the “Boston” accent he acquired from The Departed. Leo was successful in warping to another “interesting” character. Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo was able to blend in, making this movie perfectly balanced in terms of the cast.

The feel of the movie strikes a perfect balance that you'll forget that the images presented to you are actually tragic.

Cinematography was exceptional, the colors, the look and feel of the movie was in contrast as the movie reveals the dark truth to the audience. The music also did a fantastic job in enhancing the mood of the scene, something that only a talented director can do in a subtle way. There are just some parts of the story that are dragging for me, I think it will be stronger “viewable” movie for a larger audience if Scorsese was able to trim down the story to 1.5 hours.

Although the movie was derived from a book, I believe the movie can stand on its own. This movie made me want to read Dennis Lehane’s books, which can be a good thing.

Overall, I loved the movie. There are just some directors that can be weird and awesome at the same time and Scorsese is one of them.  This movie may not be for everyone but it is a movie that I will recommend to everyone with a warning: Prepare to get a headache. :)

Thank you to SM Cinemas for inviting us to watch this movie! The movie is still showing in all SM Cinemas. Go and find time to watch it. :)

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