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American Idol Top 9 on Season 9!

March 31, 2010

Didi Benami (Blonde girl far right) was booted out last night in this year's American Idol Season.

I’m not a fan of this year’s American Idol season, but American Idol is a habit that is hard to break! That’s why being a fan, you can’t help but watch the show to know what is going on.

Didi Benami was eliminated last night, which proves that although you can’t sing that well but is a cute teen, you will have better chances to stay in the competition. I may not watch this show more often, but I still managed to develop some favorites in this year’s season! Here goes the list after the jump:

And because he's cute. But he's 3 years younger than me :(

Lee Dewyze continues to improve week after week. But this shy guy really needs to amp up his confidence to stay in the competition. Plus, he’s cute :D.

crooning his way to the top :D

Casey James is a natural when he’s up there on the stage. He’s stage presence makes him one of my biggest bets to win in the competition, or the winner could be:

At an entirely different league compared to the other contestants

Simon is right when he said that Crystal is at an entirely different league compared to the other contestants. At the R&B show, she dressed up complete with stilettos which is totally different from her usual garb and she played the piano. She still totally rocked the look in my opinion. Although I still think Casey James or Lee Dewyze will win this year. We’ll see.

The performances this  year are better compared to last year’s looking at their guests this year. Early on we already got Usher and Will.I.Am, stay tuned for even bigger guests this season!

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