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This blog is all about the entertainment scene, movies, and television shows. Here I post my movie reviews, what’s happening in the television industry, what’s hot in the entertainment scene and all movie events. Sit back and enjoy…EVEN WITHOUT POPCORN!

Even Without Popcorn Says Goodbye

September 28, 2011

Yes all good things must come to an end…to something better! Even Without Popcorn is now blogging in its own domain entitled  See you there!



September 17, 2011


Acclaimed as one of the year’s best romantic comedies, Columbia Pictures’ “Friends with Benefits” will have whole-day sneak previews on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 19 & 20, in selected theaters everywhere.

From the director of “Easy A,” the film stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as liberal singles Dylan and Jamie, respectively, who think it will be easy to add sex to their friendship, but they discover that getting physical always leads to complications.

Timberlake notes, “Our characters meet each other in that time where they’ve both recently split up from other relationships and we’re both in that headspace where we kind of want to just be single.” Read more…

Book A Seat In Robinsons Movieworld!

September 10, 2011

Are you sick of the long lines you have to endure just to watch the latest blockbuster movie? Long lines no more as Robinsons Movieworld takes customer satisfaction another notch higher as it introduces its nationwide online ticket AND snacks purchase capability! Now there’s no need for movie aficionados to leave the comfort of their homes and queue for their movie tickets or snacks. Now, movie experience is truly enhanced!

Just log on to and find the Book A Seat icon at the upper left hand corner of the website. You will see an option there that will enable you to Select the Robinsons Movieworld branch and the date. After clicking view sched it will lead you to the branch’s page with its complete screening schedule details and more:

After clicking your preferred movie and screening time, page leads you to seat confirmation where you get to book your preferred number of seats:

What’s great about this feature is that you also have an option to order your favorite popcorn and drinks online! Talk about convenience! Now you have your movie ticket and treats prepared for you without going through any queue!

Log on to Robinsons Movieworld and Book A Seat. :)

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

September 7, 2011

Hi! Before anything else, forgive me for the brief hiatus. The past few days I’ve been working on a new entertainment blog which is sort of an evolution of this blog that’s why I have been quiet for a while. I will be directing everyone soon to the new address. But for now, I would like to veer away from our regular programming and participate to this annual writing project for Filipino bloggers and give my picks for the Top 5 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. This is a project of, which aims to identify new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers in 2011.

  1. Blogger Manila – do you want to learn everything about social media? Jonel’s blog provides the seo specialist, problogger wannabes or just the curious lurkers a take on everything social media.
  2. Sleek in the City – Clean design and clean content is what drew me to following this blog from time to time. Perfect for those who wants to know what’s going on in the metro and do not have much time.
  3. Teacher’s Pwet – 3 words: fun.light.cute.
  4. Lafanggero – this food blogger is one of the food bloggers to watch out for. I’ll definitely look out for more of his yummy entries. :)
  5. Me Likes Art – This blogger makes me embarrassed to say that I am a movie blogger. Definitely a great read!
  6. – there are so many bloggers out there yet there are just a few who is dedicated to introduce our culture and heritage to the world. made this their agenda to stand out from all the other blogs out there.
  7. A Teacher’s Journey –  A blog that tackles the different issues the education industry in the Philippines is facing today.
  8. Eats Terrific! – The blogger behind Ganda Ever so Much tackles a different niche which showcases his love for food. He’s recipes are mouthwatering I tell you!
  9.  The Journalistic View – An alternative take on the issues facing the country. The Writer gives feisty commentary on a plethora of issues. Definitely a good read!
  10. Fashion Pulis – Teacher by day blogger by night. My officemates would sometimes guess on his latest blind items. Who doesn’t like gossip?

May the best blog win!

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I’ll be announcing my new blog here soon!

My Binondo Girl on Primetime Bida August 22

August 22, 2011

Photo courtesy of OMG! Yahoo

Kim Chiu makes a comeback on television as Jade, a girl despite growing up with a loving mother, Zheny (Ai Ai Delas Alas) and a loving grandmother, Amor (Gina Pareño) still longs for the approval of her Chinese father, Chen Sy (Richary Yap).

This longing for the love and approval of her father prompted her to guise herself as “Yuan” her brother who passed away, and the rest as they say, is what you should watch on tv. :)

My Binondo Girl will also feature some of the most renowned thespians of this country such as Cherry Pie Picache, Laureen Uy and Glydel Mercado. Also included in the cast are young stars Jolo Revilla, Xian Lim and Matteo Gudecelli.

I was able to watch the 1st 5 episodes that will be aired on its first week, and I must say that the show has promise. The inclusion of great actors Ai-Ai and Gina Pareño as well as the quiet confidence of Kim Chiu made this show fun to watch at times, and will definitely touch your hearts in some scenes. There was a good balance of drama and comedy.

Under the direction of Malou Sevilla, “My Binondo Girl” is primetime’s newest drama-comedy series airing this August 22.


A Must Watch: Crazy, Stupid Love Movie Review

August 16, 2011

Popcorn rating:

In this season where the movie houses are surrounded by movies top-billed by special effects, it is refreshing to see a really good movie that I would categorize as a “full” film. As we watched Crazy, Stupid Love, I have no expectations at all. Which in turn, made me surprised, in a good way!


The movie opens with Steve Carell’s character Cal who was shocked when Juliane Moore’s character Emily, asked for a divorce. This began the series of turmoils in Cal’s life and family, which in turn became a good catastrophe thanks to Ryan Gosling’s character, Jacob Palmer the single, self-assured playboy who taught him the ways to a woman’s heart…or more often than not… pants.

The movie interestingly welcomed the audience through the different stages of love without sounding preachy. It was entertaining and teaches a lesson without trying to. That formula as I’ve seen in the other films starring Carell is something that I’ll call magic. His interview says it all:

I think the idea of love in its many forms is a very universal sort of theme. It’s hard to describe this movie as a love story, because I think it’s so much more than that. I think people usually think of love stories as purely a romantic love between a man and a woman, and this movie is about that. But it’s also about friendships and the love inherent there, a love between a family. So, I think it connects to people because it seems genuine. It doesn’t seem to push or force, and without being too precious with it, seems to represent these different relationships and how they weave into one another in an organic way.


Read more…

Smurfaliciously Cute: The Smurfs Movie Review

August 7, 2011

A great movie to start your weekend, I must say that The Smurfs film is not going to be a critics favorite. But I am going to write this movie review in my kid-at-heart cap. This is me giving everyone a heads up ok?

One important thing readers is that it is best to bring your kids or your nieces and nephews or grandkids to watch this film because this film is genuinely for kids.

The film opens in the cutesy (I’ll be using cute a lot in this review, I tell ya) Smurfs Village with the Smurfs living peacefully. The peace however was disrupted by the evil Gargamel, which caused Gutsy, Grouchy, Clumsy, Papa, Brainy and Smurfette to leave their safe, peaceful Smurf village and morph into this strange old city called New York.


This movie is a lighthearted, fun-centered film which will captivate the young moviegoers. The film brought me back to my childhood when I was able to catch; I think a handful of the cartoon series. (The Smurfs was available in Cartoon Network for a short while too but I was not able to follow the series.)

I would have to say that this movie is never going to be a critic’s favorite due to the shallowness of the storyline, the tongue-in-cheek humor and a not so amusing dialogue. But I believe this movie did not make an effort to really please the elusive taste of the critics. It encouraged us to be shallow and just have fun and “sing a happy song.” Read more…